About us

Fred Mohamadi: Co-founder, Advisor; Thirty Seven years of technical expertise in variety of executive positions at start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies. Hands-on experience in communications and radar electronics, computer vision and AI. Launched more than 30 semiconductor and system products, IEEE voting member, seventy patents, Ph.D. E.E. Stanford University

Shiva Kumar: Co-founder, CEO; More than thirty five years of technical and business management of diverse industries and global engineering networks. Hands-on experience with ground based military vehicles, scanning and imaging electronics, computer vision and AI; M.S.M.E. Kansas State University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Narayan Laksham: Advisory Board Member; More than twenty five years of experience in building products, delivering and deploying customer driven solutions, achieving sales growth and managing cash flows. In addition to delivering corporate goals, Narayan has spent substantial amount of time being an entrepreneur by starting a company, getting it VC funded, growing the business, making it profitable and successfully selling the same to a public corporation.